Elizabeth’s Story

From the ages of 12-18 I was in the foster system. I aged out of foster care during my junior year of high school. Starting out my adult life as a homeless high school junior was rough. It took seven years before my life finally became stable. This page is devoted to explaining my journey from abused child, foster youth, homeless young adult, so successful adult.

This page is devoted to topics relating to Elizabeth’s Foster Care experience. Links to blog posts about my childhood and foster care experiences can be found here.

Elizabeth is currently working on typing up all of her old diaries. New posts will come as she works through them.

Life before Foster Care.

First Foster Home

Second Foster Home

Failed Reunification. Diary Entries, Age 14

Third Foster Home, Age 14.

My foster siblings on hour 2 of their punishment for not eating lunch fast enough.

Fourth Foster Home Part 1

Fourth Foster Home Part 2

A Desperate Cry from a Family-less 22 Year Old.

My 22 year old view on Love and Relationships

Every moment before this one is dependent on this one.

Welfare VS Unemployment a young former Foster Perspective

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