Pumpkin Seeds Roasted and Dehydrated

Ingredients:6 Cups of Pumpkin Seeds1 Cup of Salt (about 1 Tbls per cup) Step 1:For roasted pumpkin seeds I prefer the seeds found in the smaller pie pumpkins. They roast easier and are less likely to burn. If you are using a dehydrator (my personal preference) large and small pumpkin seeds both work well. RemoveContinue reading “Pumpkin Seeds Roasted and Dehydrated”

Pumpkin Spice Chips

Ingredients:Pie Pumpkins (small pumpkins)SaltCinnamonNutmegOlive oil or vegetable oil Step 1: Wash pumpkins and peel them. Step 2:Cut Pumpkins open and remove seeds. Click here for a pumpkin spice pumpkin seed recipe , click here for a regular pumpkin seed recipe. Discard the stringy pumpkin guts and save the pumpkin seeds if you plan on makingContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Chips”

Drying and Storing Cherries

My husband and I each prefer different types of cherries. He loves the tart and I love the sweet. The photos in this entry are of both types. The red cherries are tart, the yellow cherries are sweet. Dehydrated cherries go well in breads, cakes and oatmeal. They also make a yummy snack and canContinue reading “Drying and Storing Cherries”

Dried Blueberries

Dehydrating fruits is my favorite way to store them for later use. Dehydrated blueberries can be used for oatmeal, cakes and more. There are two ways to dehydrate blueberries. The more difficult way, which includes blanching the berries, I have found results in better flavor. I have listed both below. Step one for both options:Continue reading “Dried Blueberries”

Dehydrating Rosemary

Cut Rosemary in the early morning. This will ensure they have the most taste. Cut leaves from the bottom of the plant and leave the ones on the top. Wash Rosemary in cold water and vinegar. Place in dehydrator at 130 degrees. They will be done in 1-3 hours, depending on your dehydrator. Once dehydratingContinue reading “Dehydrating Rosemary”