One Year Anniversary of Genebelle

One Year Ago my daughters began their work of rehabilitating an old school grow space by turning it into a full school garden with enough space for all the children who attend Elmore Elementary School to plant something, watch it grow and enjoy the harvest. My daughters reached out to the Green Bay Community andContinue reading “One Year Anniversary of Genebelle”

Garden Planning Step 3

The the third step to planning your garden is mapping out exactly where you plan on planting your plants. This year I am planting two gardens. My daughters are in charge of their school garden and I am planting our home garden. Due to the complexities of managing two large gardens it is vitally importantContinue reading “Garden Planning Step 3”

Help Us Help Children Grow

About a month ago, my kids watched the documentary The Need to Grow. After watching the documentary Arabelle began dreaming about making a school garden. I had reached out to our school principal and asked her if Elmore had a garden. Three days ago Mrs. Norman showed us the remnants of what was once anContinue reading “Help Us Help Children Grow”

Our City Garden

We currently live in a time of crisis. Within 60 years there will not be any farmable soil left on this earth. If things do not change, within our life time we will see mass starvation and our species will be brought close to extinction. My guess is that most of you reading this alreadyContinue reading “Our City Garden”