Anthony Turner

Anthony Turner is a survivor of foster care. He has partnered with Life From the Ashes and invites you to visit his website and check out his pod cast. This Podcast is about my experiences in the Foster Care System. I share vulnerable stories about how I navigated the Foster Care System in NYC andContinue reading “Anthony Turner”

Have You Loved Your Neighbor Today?

It has been a while since I have written a ‘passionate’ Note about my thoughts of the goings on in the world.  Over the last month a few people have asked me what caused my loss of ‘idealism’ and lack of stance on issues I used to shout about from my soap box.  I writeContinue reading “Have You Loved Your Neighbor Today?”

Welfare VS Unemployment a former Foster Perspective

I wrote this, back in 2008, 2 years after being homeless. Twelve years later I still agree with this, for the most part. Since writing this I have learned more about the complexities of our society and have, what I would like to think, is a bit more of a refined view. For those ofContinue reading “Welfare VS Unemployment a former Foster Perspective”

Every moment before this one is dependent on this one.

I wish I had remembered this note existed when I was in graduate school and we were learning about trauma. When reading through this I found so many things I was struggling with relate to known psychological ramifications of attachment issues and trauma. I hope this is useful to those of you following this siteContinue reading “Every moment before this one is dependent on this one.”

Let’s Change the World. Submissions Welcome

Foster Parents, former fosters, social workers, parents, survivors of child abuse and others related to the foster care system. Do you have a story to tell? Do you have ideas as to what changes in the system can make things better? I have designed my website with the hope of being able to share yourContinue reading “Let’s Change the World. Submissions Welcome”

Anonymous Story

This story was shared with me by a survivor of extreme childhood abuse. She was never “rescued” into foster care, but her siblings were. At the end of this post she leaves a note for kids currently in the foster system today. My name is anonymous, and this is my story. I was never aContinue reading “Anonymous Story”

Impacts of Foster Youth Transitional Living Programs

Introduction             According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) (2008), the primary mission of social workers is to enhance the lives of individuals who are vulnerable, oppressed, or living in poverty.  One of the most vulnerable, poverty stricken, and overlooked populations in the United States today is comprised of former foster children thatContinue reading “Impacts of Foster Youth Transitional Living Programs”

Third Foster Home Diary Entries Age 14

Before you, the reader read these entries, I wanted you to know that there are some very upsetting things you will read about in here in relation to the foster setting. Over a decade after I wrote these entries I found out that Sunshine, one of my social workers, did believe what I told herContinue reading “Third Foster Home Diary Entries Age 14”

Failed Reunification. Age 14 Diary Entries

July 10, 1999 Age 14 I can’t believe it.  I’m actually home. This morning when I got up Mitch and Jene had a little talk with me about how all good things must end.  Then they all helped me load my stuff.  They also gave me my mattress, the dolphin sheets, and bedspread.                When momContinue reading “Failed Reunification. Age 14 Diary Entries”

Problems stemming from the Adoption and Safe Families Act.

I wrote this paper, a few years ago, in grad school. It takes an in-depth look into the history of foster care, the introduction of the Adoption and Safe Families Act and the negative consequences this act has had on foster youth. Negative impacts include high levels of homelessness, poverty, drug abuse and mental healthContinue reading “Problems stemming from the Adoption and Safe Families Act.”