Can you help my daughters?

I type this, knowing it is a long shot, but I am out of ideas on how to help my daughters reach this goal. My daughters asked me to post here asking for people to “Please Please Please help us”. My daughters, Arabelle and Genevieve are currently selling Popcorn for their Scouts BSA Troop. BothContinue reading “Can you help my daughters?”

One Year Anniversary of Genebelle

One Year Ago my daughters began their work of rehabilitating an old school grow space by turning it into a full school garden with enough space for all the children who attend Elmore Elementary School to plant something, watch it grow and enjoy the harvest. My daughters reached out to the Green Bay Community andContinue reading “One Year Anniversary of Genebelle”

Anthony Turner

Anthony Turner is a survivor of foster care. He has partnered with Life From the Ashes and invites you to visit his website and check out his pod cast. This Podcast is about my experiences in the Foster Care System. I share vulnerable stories about how I navigated the Foster Care System in NYC andContinue reading “Anthony Turner”

Garden Planning Step 3

The the third step to planning your garden is mapping out exactly where you plan on planting your plants. This year I am planting two gardens. My daughters are in charge of their school garden and I am planting our home garden. Due to the complexities of managing two large gardens it is vitally importantContinue reading “Garden Planning Step 3”

For the Love of Plants STOP! Planning Your Garden Part Two

Your Murdering Your Plants….. All of us have encountered someone in our lives whom we just couldn’t stand. For some reason they way they walk, talk, laugh, smile…. It just irritates us. They zap us of our energy. Thank goodness for friends, people who energize us and make us feel good about ourselves. Did youContinue reading “For the Love of Plants STOP! Planning Your Garden Part Two”