Can you help my daughters?

I type this, knowing it is a long shot, but I am out of ideas on how to help my daughters reach this goal.

My daughters asked me to post here asking for people to “Please Please Please help us”.

My daughters, Arabelle and Genevieve are currently selling Popcorn for their Scouts BSA Troop. Both girls are trying to get into the 50States club. If they sell popcorn to people from all 50 States they will each win a $250 Amazon Gift card which they want to use to shop for Christmas Presents for their Grandparents and Foster Siblings.

If you are able to help, by purchasing popcorn for yourself OR by sharing their popcorn pages to your friends in different states, we thank you for your help and want you to know we really appreciate it.

SHIPPING is Free!!

Link to Arabelle’s Popcorn Selling Page. Arabelle is a 2nd year Weblo. Seller ID for Arabelle is E1Y2YG

Link to Genevieve’s Popcorn Selling Page. Genevieve is a Bear. Seller ID for Genevieve is VRQKRA

Since I am posting about their fundraiser her, both girls are also selling Magazines, Candy and Nuts for their Girl Scout Troop. If you are interested in ordering from their Girl Scout Troop here are the links.

Genevieve’s page

Arabelle’s Page

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