One Year Anniversary of Genebelle

One Year Ago my daughters began their work of rehabilitating an old school grow space by turning it into a full school garden with enough space for all the children who attend Elmore Elementary School to plant something, watch it grow and enjoy the harvest.

My daughters reached out to the Green Bay Community and were blessed with donations of plants, seeds, fencing, flowers and other garden supplies.

One year later my daughters garden is flourishing and the produce is being given away to local community members.

If you live in the Green Bay area you can follow us on Facebook to pick up your own free produce.

Enjoy the before and after photos. It is truly wondrous to witness the change happened over the span of a year.

Published by lifefromtheashes5332

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I am a wife, mother, gardener, adjunct professor, philosopher, former foster child, former homeless adult and Master in Social Work. My website covers all the things listed above!

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