Drying and Storing Cherries

My husband and I each prefer different types of cherries. He loves the tart and I love the sweet. The photos in this entry are of both types. The red cherries are tart, the yellow cherries are sweet.

Dehydrated cherries go well in breads, cakes and oatmeal. They also make a yummy snack and can be mixed into trail mix.

Step 1: Wash cherries in cold water and vinegar. Pit your Cherries and Save your seeds!! Click here for DIY Cherry Seed Therapy Pillow and here for other Cherry Seed projects.

Step 2:

Option 1: Slice cherries in half and place, skin side down, on your dehydrator trays. Set dehydrator to 130F. Cherries typically take about 12 hours to dry. You will know they are dry when they are grape like in texture, but do not squish. I bite into them to test mine. If there is moisture when biting in they are not done.

Option 2: Slice cherries in half. Using a needle and thread place all the strawberries on a long string and hang up to dry in a well lit area. Make sure the area has good air circulation and is not damp. Make sure the cherries are not touching each other. They should be dry within 7-9 days.

I air dry all my fruits this way.

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