How to Ferment Cucumbers

Ingredients for a 1 Quart Jar

Three too four medium sized cucumbers
2 Tablespoons Pickling Salt
2 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon dill seeds

2 sprigs of fresh dill
1 teaspoon coriander

4 Cups Distilled Water
4 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar


Step 1. Wash Cucumbers in cold water and vinegar.

Step 2. Wash jars thoroughly.

Step 3. Place ingredients / spices in the jar. I typically put in: 2 cloves of garlic (roughly chopped), Fresh Dill, a teaspoon of dill seed and a teaspoon of Coriander.

Step 4: Cut the cucumbers into spears (or halves if they are on the small size). Place the cucumbers into a quart sized jar.

Step 5. In a pot combine 2 cups of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of filtered water and two tablespoons of pickling salt (Never use iodized salt). Bring to a boil, let cool.

Step 6. Ladle your brine into the jar. I use Ball spring fermentation lids and Mason glass weight and fermentation lids.

Step 7. Place the jar in a cool dark place. Check them every few days to see how they’re progressing. They’ll be finished when they’re paler green in color and a bit softer, but not mushy. Give them a taste to be sure they’re to your preference. If not, ferment a bit longer. If they are, dive in or continue on to step 8 to can them and store for longer periods of time.

Step 8: Before you begin working with the food prep all of your materials.
Fill your canner bath with water and turn on the heat so that it is boiling when you are ready to can.

Step 9: You have two options for this step

Option 1. Place a coffee filter over the top of your jars and pour the solution into a pan. The coffee filter will filter out most of the milky white substance. Bring brine to a boil and the ladle it back on top of your jars. Seal jars with lids.

Option 2. I don’t mind the milky substance in my pickles. While my canner bath is warming up I place my jars in the suspended rack, lids off, and allow the brine to heat up with the canner bath. When the pot and jars are boiling I add vinegar to any jars that are low on brine. I then seal the jars with the lids.

Step 10: Place in the canner. Make sure there is at least an inch of water above the jars. Boil peaches in the canner bath for 15 minuets.

Step 11: Remove jars and set aside to cool. After 12 hours, if the lids remain down, do not press in when touched, they have sealed and can be stored in a cupboard for later use.

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