Vampires Global Warming and Politics

Today, when going through my old Facebook notes, this old gem gave me a chuckle.

Fun part: Apparently 22 year old me and my current self have the same sense of humor and random thought streams.

Sad part: It has been 13 years and both parties are still doing the exact same thing. Have we grown at all in the last 15 / 20 years?

Vampires Global Warming and Politics

March 28, 2007 at 8:37 PM

So I had a strange train of thought today when looking at the cloud cover that blocked my beloved sun and the warmth it brought us only two days ago.
My thought train went like this

Ultraviolet rays kill vampires
No sun means vampires could be out today
There are still ultraviolet rays coming through the clouds
There are always ultraviolet rays coming through the sky, even at night
Vampires cant live then.
Well maybe since the amount of rays is less. Vampires must get weak then from the amount they are exposed to at night but it does not kill them.
( I realized it was still warm for this time of year)

Global Warming is caused by the co2 trapping untraviolet rays within our atmosphere.
Republicans are against fighting global warming. Democrats are for stopping it.
Democrats seem to be weak because the do not take as much action, or rarely do, usually their decisions are announced on the evening news or in the morning. So they do their stuff at night.

Democrats are Vampires. Republicans do not want it known that Democrats are Vampires because the existence of Vampires may undermine their religious platform

Republicans are fighting Vampires (ie democrats) by the use of global warming.

If you have any thoughts on this matter please let me know for I am now questioning my own fight to prevent global warming.

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