Foster Village Dream, Help / Information Needed

Since my late teens, I have had a dream of creating a “ranch” type of home for foster youth.

My dream has always been to find a large area of land with a river, woods and fields that I could turn into a nature haven for kids in foster care and foster parents. What I want is something similar to this American Town for Foster Youth. It would be a place where multiple foster families live together on the same land and work together to raise foster children and foster teens in a community type setting.

I would want this “ranch” to have a large garden, sheep, goats, chickens and other farm animals which the youth would work with. I want to make this land one which is pretty self sustainable, as in solar panels, wind power, and a garden that is able to meet much of of the nutritional needs.

I want the children to be able to attend a near by public school, but also have trained social workers and educators living on the property to meet the needs of the kids who do not work well in public school settings.

I want this to be a place where youth, with histories of trauma, can feel a sense of home, community and peace. I want them to have the ability to wander the woods, learn life skills, get in touch with nature, animals, learn engineering skills and more.

This is just a short post so I will give more information about this dream later. Right now I am really in need of information to help me shape this dream.

This last weekend I found out that there is a spot of land with 90acres that might be available to make this dream come true IF I can find out how to raise the money to build a home / homes for these youth. My husband and I are not wealthy so making this happen will require financial means beyond what we have.

I am good at researching but I do not know much about what I would need to make this a reality. I am asking for any help and any information about similar places that I can learn from.

Below are some photos of the land that, if I can figure this out, might be available to make this dream come true.

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I am a wife, mother, gardener, adjunct professor, philosopher, former foster child, former homeless adult and Master in Social Work. My website covers all the things listed above!

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