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Welcome to Life From The Ashes

Welcome to Life From The Ashes. This website was created by a survivor of child abuse, former foster child, former homeless young adult, masters level social worker and mother of two who spends her time working, gardening, sewing and engaging in a variety of social justice activities wither her local community.

For many years Elizabeth has been told she could help others by writing a book about her life. Elizabeth never felt that her story would be enough to make a difference in the world.

Elizabeth has created this website so that she, other former foster youth, child abuse survivors, social workers and foster parents all have a place to share their stories, give advice to others and to work together to spread awareness about foster care with the goal of creating a positive change within the foster care system.

Elizabeth’s current life is enveloped in the daily chores of motherhood, teaching, gardening and living her best life. The blogs on this website which dig into the darkness of her past can be found under the section titled Elizabeth’s Story.

Elizabeth decided to create this page with the goal that it would not only represent the darkness of her past but also celebrate the wonderful life she, and others have made from the ashes of her youth. In addition to the sections devoted to foster care there are also sections of this page devoted to crafts, gardening, canning, research, family and more.

Click on the links at the top of this page, if you are on a phone or tablet click on the menu button, to locate the blogs and other content on this site.

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